Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Greatest Love

This summer Carson began to periodically ask us questions about baptism.  He seemed very curious about baptism, but then again he is an inquisitive little guy.  On the final day of our Christmas break from school, Carson surprised me by announcing that he wanted to be baptized.  As excited as I was to hear him say this, I wanted to make sure he really understood what it meant and I wanted to hear his reasoning for wanting to be baptized.  Let's just say that conversation with Carson ended in happy tears (I'm a sentimental girl!) from both Carson and me.  Michael and I asked Carson if he wanted to be baptized in "big church" in front of everyone or if he wanted it to be a small family celebration.  Without hesitation, Carson said he wanted to be baptized at church because he wants everyone to know that he asked Jesus Christ into his heart.  So, last Saturday our little guy was baptized in front of the congregation.  It was a great day and one that we will remember forever.  Here are some pictures from his baptism:

Pastor Mike and Carson - Pastor Mike asked Carson how old he is and why he wants to be baptized.  In front of the whole congregation, Carson announced that he is 8 years old and he wants everyone to know that he asked Jesus into his heart.  The congregation clapped and cheered!

I love that he is wearing his God Rocks! shirt :-)  Pastor Mike talking privately with Carson before he baptizes him.

The week leading up to his baptism, one song was constantly at the forefront of my mind.  I wish I knew the name of the song and the artist who performs the song.  But since I do not, I am simply going to condense the verses and chorus.  It's been a song that has meant a lot to me since moving to California last summer.  I've found great comfort and hope and truth in the lyrics.  This past week the lyrics assumed a different meaning to me - expression of love from the heart of a child for a God who first loved us.  Here are the lyrics.

The greatest love that anyone could ever know
That overcame the cross and grave to find my soul
All I am I live to see your kingdom come
In my heart I pray, Lord let your will be done
You are the voice that called the universe to be
You are the whisper in my heart that speaks to me
Until I see You face to face
Grace amazing takes me home
I trust in You

I will live to love You
I will live to bring You praise
I will live a child in awe of You

You alone are God of all
You alone are worthy Lord
And with all I am, my soul will bless Your name

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Nana!

A special birthday message for Nana from two of her biggest fans.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is why I love Southern California.

It is mid-January.  It is a sunny day with a high in the 70's.  The sky is a brilliant blue.  And I am sitting on the balcony working on my sun tan as I compile my income tax documents.  

Couldn't ask for a better work environment.  :-) 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January in SoCal

Have you heard of the Santa Ana winds?  Let's just say the terms "windy" and "wind gusts" do not do justice to the true significant force behind the Santa Ana winds.  

These are gusts of winds up to 70 miles per hour.  


I still catch myself looking around to see where the tornado is coming from when the wind blows through here.  I pause only to remind myself that I no longer live in tornado alley and 70 mph winds no longer indicate an imminent tornado in my path.

Maybe I should try a new approach in my thinking.  Take Calleigh's perception of the winds, for example.  She simply states what we all are really thinking.  "I wish the wind would stop smackin' the house!"

The upside is having a 10-day forecast of sunny and mid-70's with lows in the upper 40's.  I guess a forecast like that is worth enduring a few days of "wind gusts."

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Are You Ready to Bowl?

Santa brought our family a Wii game system this year for Christmas.  We've had so much fun playing Wii games together as a family after dinner.  It has become our new family fun time each night.  It is great for unwinding after a long day.  It is great for friendly competition and banter.  It is great for strengthening the one arm that you use to operate the remote control.  And it is great for initiating laughter.  Everyone needs a good laugh, right?  Well, here is one that makes Michael and I laugh every time.  This is a clip of Calleigh bowling.  She is an excellent bowler and even scores over 100 in a game.  However, she has quite an intense swing which nearly catapults her across the room, as you will soon see.  Check it out.  I dare you not to laugh :-)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hopelessly Devoted To You

Who would have thought two little three-year-old kids would proclaim their devotion to each other.  Who would have thought those same kids, now eight years old, would continue to proclaim their devotion to each other?

Carson and Isabella met in Sunday School at our church in Texas.  They begged their mommies to plan a play date so they could spend some fun play time outside of church.  And so it began. Despite Isabella moving out of state - twice - and Carson moving across country, the two remain hopelessly devoted to one another.  So much so that Carson mailed a jeweled ring to Isabella with a note attached asking her to marry him.  He even tells the little girls chasing him at school and church that they can stop their pursuit because he already has a girlfriend.   

Over the Christmas holiday, Carson and Isabella spent time together while their families hung out.  They picked up right where they left off.  They are two very sweet kids and it was fun to see them together again.  Who knows what their future holds.  But for now, it is cute to see them so enamored with one another.