Sunday, March 14, 2010

Carson's class went on a field trip last week to Rancho Sierra Vista Satwiwa Native American Indian Cultural Center- a portion of the National Park in the Santa Monica Mountains. A portion of the 3rd grade curriculum focuses on the Chumash tribe who originally inhabited this area of California. The park ranger cast each member of our class into roles for a play that taught them how the Chumash survived using only the resources from their environment. It was cute. We had Chumash, mountain lions, bobcats, eagles, rivers, fish, grasses, oak trees, etc.

The ranger took us on a hike through the oak trees and up a mountainside. I kept thinking how cool it was that we get to hike in the mountains for a field trip!

The Chumash lived in houses with thatched walls/roof. A replica was there for the kids to explore. They used bark from the willow trees to form the frame of the house and bundled grasses to make the thatch covering.

At the end of the field trip, the kids used drills to make a hole in a sea shell and turn it into a necklace.

Carson and I had a great day. So much so, that I hope we go back as a family to hike their many trails. It's only 8 miles from the ocean. . .maybe a hike to the ocean would be fun!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Easter Package Fun

Hi Memi and Grandaddy! Here is another fun video of the kids opening their care package. Hope you enjoy watching it. We sure did enjoy opening it and dividing everything out :)