Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some things just aren't right.

I'm putting this out for a vote, mostly because Andi is at work and not looking over my shoulder as I type this (how would YOU like that?)

Lately, Andi has been cooking "creatively". Now, for those of you who know Andi this is nothing new. She has been leaving ingredients out or substituting ingredients for years. One time she substitued 2 sticks of butter for 1 in double delicious bars. First time I've seen cookies float. One time she substitued flank steak for cubed steak when making chicken-fried steak. It was........chewy. Sometimes she just leaves ingredients out all together.

Recently she aquired a book that is all about sneaking healthy foods into things you cook, so that your family unwillingly digests things that are good for them. Oh goody.

We've had chicken nuggets that used sweet potato puree in the batter. Fine. I ate that. We've also had macaroni and cheese that had squash puree in it. Okay......they're both yellow. I gave it a shot. We've even had a soup-of-sorts that was made with carrot puree. Now see, I don't think I'm being picky here when I say that carrots are best they are cleaned, finely chopped and then buried in a yard miles away from my house. Don't like 'em.

Yesterday, we had banana nut bread. I agreed to try it without knowing what the secret ingredient was. I took two bites. Not bad. No weird after-taste. No weird coloration. Tasted like banana nut bread. So I ask for the secret ingredient to be unveiled. "If I tell you what's in it will you still eat it?" says she. "Why wouldn't I? It tastes normal to me", says I.


So I return my fork to my plate.

"You're not going to eat the rest of it!?"
"There's cauliflower in there."
"But I know it's in there."
"You're serious?"

So, I ask our fine blog-reading community- Should there, or should there not be cauliflower in banana-nut bread? And ladies- to be fair- don't just weigh in yourself. Ask your husband as well.

For myself, I choose to remain firmly in the "no cauliflower ever of any kind in any food hidden or not" camp.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Words of Wisdom

Carson: My head hurts.

Uncle JD: Why?

Carson: Because my brain is so big it makes my head hurt.

Gotta love the honesty and lack of humility in kids.