Monday, December 31, 2007

Do these jeans make my butt look big?

Did you ever wonder what the world looks like through the eyes of a 4-year old? Well, wonder no more. This is it. This is what happens when you go to Disney World and buy your 4-year old a "High School Musical Digital Camera." Out of 47 pictures, half of them are of people's...posteriors. A good many more are of Carson and a number of them are blurry and distorted. Visually, that's her world right there. Bottoms, Carson and crap she has no clue what it is. Made me laugh. And also thankful that I was pushing the stroller.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunny Florida?

Back in January of this year, Michael told me that this was going to be the year of change for us. He was not sure what that change might entail, but he had a feeling that our world would turn upside down and inside out. Looking back on this year I can see the changes, however small or big they may be. These changes are all little detours that God has put along our path in life. Even my little Pollyanna outlook on life has been tested through each detour, but I remain confident in my God who has a plan and desires my heart.

I really believe that God is preparing us for some major life changes, and He has slowly taken me through some baby step changes this past year. Watching two of my most beloved friends move away, seeing some of my kiddos best playmates from school and church move to different states, experiencing changes with a long-stable employment for Michael, are all some of the baby steps.

Most recently Michael and I were invited to travel to Fort Lauderdale to scope out the area and begin discussions for a possible job transfer. I had the rare and wonderful privilege of sitting on the beach (in my swimsuit in 80 degree weather in December!) and quietly reflecting for 6 hours straight. I am always closest to my Savior when I am around nature, especially the ocean and the mountains. I listened to some sermons and prayed and just sat. I never get to just sit. What I have come to realize is that no matter where God takes us, I will go. Like Jeff said today in his sermon, worship requires sacrifice. Worship is not just singing and playing music. Worship is living and living for God in all aspects of my life. The safety and the security and familiarity of my life here in Texas might require a sacrifice as we seek God's plan for our family, and I know that in committing to that sacrifice I will worship my Lord. Who knows where God will send us - whether it be sunny Florida (please, no!) or sunny California (could definitely do that) or excessively hot Texas (always a good thing). Wherever we end up, I will worship.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Paper Plate in My Purse

You may be wondering if I really have a paper plate in my purse, and if so, why in the world am I carrying around a paper plate in my purse. It is simple, really. It's called perimenopause. Never heard of it? Well, neither had I until I did a little google-ing and discovered there is a term for times like these:

Picture me, sitting on the front step, watching my kiddos play outside. It is a beautiful sunny fall day. The temperature is in the mid 70's, the sun is shining brightly, there is a slight breeze in the air. The kids are running and laughing and exerting all of this bundled up energy. I, on the other hand, am sitting serenely on the front step and enjoying a moment of happiness. Until the familiar warm rush begin in my toes and quickly makes its way up to my head where it explodes into a sweat. Now, remember that I am not exerting any effort whatsoever, unless you consider the effort it takes for my eyes to focus on my children. I am merely sitting. SITTING! And my own personal summer has set in for a few minutes. This apparently is called a hot flash (personal summer sounds so much better, don't you think?) and is one of the symptoms of perimenopause. I have learned that these little personal summers come and go unexpectedly, generate a tremendous amount of heat, and produce enough sweat to make you want to take a shower. I have also learned that keeping a paper plate in my purse to use as a fan in a moments notice is an excellent idea. I am now google-ing herbal remedies for these personal summers, among many other perimenopausal symptoms. It is quite comforting, actually, to know that I am normal. . .if you can consider hair loss, mood swings, fat clinging onto your body, personal summers, etc. normal. Now that I know what is going on, I can embrace it with dignity and say. . .I am Peri and Proud!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pumpkins, Pumkins Everywhere

Calleigh went on her first field trip yesterday to the local Pumpkin Patch. She was so excited about riding on a school bus for the first time. She kept reminding me that school buses don't have seat belts or car seats. She enjoyed listening to stories about fall & pumpkins, running through a hay maze, and picking out her very own pumpkin. My little girl is growing up!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Thousand Words

Look at that face. Do you know what it's like to have that face say, and I quote, "Daddy, you are cool." Not as a response to anything. Completely unsolicited. "You are cool." It doesn't matter what kinda crappy day you're having - that fixes anything right there. I know, I know- you see one thing she sees another. But why? Here's my theory.

Right now I'm the definition of "cool" in my little girl's eyes because she doesn't care about the things that I'm not, only the things that I am. It's as simple as that.

How awesome is it when the lenses that we use to view each other allow for the filtering out of glaring deficiencies and offer an enhanced ability to focus on the things that make each of us special and unique?

So by my logic, it's conceivable that my little girl may go on thinking I'm cool for quite some time. But I'm fairly certain there's no amount of "lense-filtering" that will allow her to think I'm cool when she's 13 and I'm .........older. Besides, she'll probably be wearing sunglasses.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Heart to Heart

Carson: Dad. Do you know what “The 70’s are?”

Me: The 70’s? Sure. I was born in the 60’s. I was a little boy in the 70’s. I went to High School in the 80’s, I married mommy in the 90’s and we had you and Calleigh in the 2000’s. That a lot of years, huh?

Carson: Yeah, I guess. Dad, did you know when I jump off the side of the pool and spin in mid-air, that’s called “The 70’s”?

Me: Um….don’t you mean….a “360”?

Carson: Yeah. That’s what I meant.

Me: Good talk son.

Friday, July 13, 2007

For Those About to Rock, We Salute You

Scene from the Crumrine family car-

Calleigh: {Looks quietly over at Carson and flashes him the "Longhorn" sign.}
Carson: MOM! Calleigh just flashed me the Longhorn sign!! She KNOWS I like the Aggies!!
Parent (Does it really matter which one?) : Just look out your own windows and leave each other alone!
Calleigh: {After waiting to be sure neither parental unit is watching- again flashes the "Longhorn" sign.}
Parent: Calleigh! Please don't bother your brother and please stop flashing him the "Longhorn" sign. Carson, just look out your window and ignore her.
Calleigh: {Looks over at Carson. Slowly......defiantly........looking straight at him........raises only her pinky ( gotta love her style)}
Carson: MOOOOMMMMM!!!!!


Obviously, Calleigh takes after me and Carson after his mother. I'm just sayin'.

Several days later, I'm trying to explain to Carson why Calleigh does things like the "Longhorn" sign. I tell him "Calleigh really does love you. She thinks you're a cool big brother and she just wants to interact with you. She doesn't always know the words to say, so she does things that she knows will get a reaction from you."

As I said, Calleigh takes after me. However, she has an excuse. She is four. I am not.

There are times that words are spontaneous and easy flowing. I know for us, there are also times that communication does not come easy. We know that we need and want to interact and are seeking genuine responses but we either don't have the words or are just too lazy and we end up giving each other the "Longhorn" sign or the verbal equivalent thereof. I guess we never totally grow out of it.

Lucky for me, my family knows sign language.

Gig -em.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

What does it all mean?

While the world turns through the ages
It's a most peculiar ride
Holding on to one another
Moving at the speed of life
We just go on at the speed of life
Family on the midway in the carnival lights
Moving in a circle through the sounds and the lights
And it all goes by at the speed of life
- Jude Cole

Jude Cole is a singer/songwriter that we have loved for a long time. Something about his songs resonate with us. The words tend to be descriptive yet raw, realistic and truthful. I guess this is kind of the point we find ourselves at right now. We get up in the morning- manage to remind each other that we're glad to be waking up next to each other, and the day takes off. Work, school, errands, sick kids, lunches, appointments, meetings, church, rehearsals, driving, reading, phone calls, emails-STUFF. Constantly. It can all be overwhelming. That's why this particular song just.....fits. "Holding on to one another, moving at the speed of life."

Whatever speed your life might be currently moving, hope you're remembering to hold on to one another.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Here we go-

Everyone else is doing it. Why shouldn't we? If everyone else jumped off a bridge.......... blah blah blah.

This is the Crumrine foray into the wonderful world of blogging. We'll start out simple and see how it goes.